Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 RFT 245/45 R17 95W runflat, *

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Potenza RE 050 RFT 245/45 R17 95W runflat *
Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 RFT 245/45 R17 95W runflat, * Bridgestone/Profil_PotenzaRE050_neu.jpg
Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 RFT 245/45 R17 95W runflat, * Bridgestone/Profil_PotenzaRE050_neu.jpg   Bridgestone Potenza RE 050 RFT 245/45 R17 95W runflat, * Bridgestone/Seite_PotenzaRE050_neu.jpg  

Please note: We only supply the tyre. Even if a rim is shown in the photo, it is not included in the price.

Our price only 185,90
Postage and packaging are included in the price!*

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Type of Tyre: Summer tyresSummer tyres
part number (sku):
Speed Index:W: this tyre is approved for speeds up to 270 km/h allowed!!
Test results Profile Potenza RE 050 RFT:
+++0- (english)

• This tyre is fitted on the world's leading sports cars, like the Ferrari Enzo, before they leave the factory.
• Also available also in the replacement market, it is the perfect tyre for sporty, demanding drivers of high-performance compacts, executive saloons and super-sport models.
• Exceptional handling and cornering at higher speeds.
• Top-level control and safety in the wet.
• Comfortable ride with low noise.

Run flat tyres
The run flat feature uses a reinforced side wall that, in the event of the tyre bursting, holds it in shape, preventing it from springing out of the rim. This means that in the case of a flat, it's possible to drive a further 150 miles at 50 mph. All run-flat tyres have the RSC symbol (Run Flat System Component) on the sidewall. Run-flat tyres don`t need any special rims, but only function with vehicles that are equipped with a functioning air pressure control system.

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Label: F-C-69

Tyre label / efficiency classes

We sell car tyres as 'new' if they are no older than two years.

Within this time span, there are labelled (manufactured after 01/07/2012) and unlabelled (manufactured before 01/07/2012) tyres with the same item number by the same manufacturer available for purchase.

Tyres of the same item number can be combined onto one axle of a vehicle, regardless of whether or not they have a label, as they have identical efficiency classes. Each respective manufacturer provides us with a verification of this.

We are sent the efficiency class values for each tyre from the manufacturer along with the item number or the IP Code and we pass these directly on to the customer regardless of production date, unless the item is older than 2 years.

We would like to point out explicitly that you may receive an item with this item number that does not have a tyre label attached to it as it was manufactured prior to 01/07/2012.

In this case, the following performance classes are valid:

Roll resistance: F, Wet grip: C, Noise emissions: 69 dB.

If the tyre was manufactured after 01/07/2012, the tyre label displayed to the left is valid.

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