Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 295/35 ZR18 (103Y) XL

Toyo Proxes T1 Sport 295/35 ZR18 (103Y) XL

Please note: We only supply the tyre. Even if a rim is shown in the photo, it is not included in the price.


Toyo Proxes T1 Sport
295/35 ZR18 (103Y) XL with rim protection ridge (FSL)

Tyre size
295/35 ZR18 103(Y) change
Stock Level
Currently unavailable
Type of Tyre
Summer tyres
EU Tyre Label
Customer rating
Speed Index
(Y): Approved up to over 186 mph/300 km/h
part number (sku)
Item No.
Test results Profile Proxes T1 Sport 10/2016 (dutch)
÷AMTC 02/2016 (german)
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2016 (german)
Auto Zeitung 06/2014 (german)
sport auto 05/2014 (german)
AUTO BILD - sportscars 03/2013
÷AMTC 02/2013 02/2013 (dutch)
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2013
AUTO BILD 03/2012
only 208,80

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Toyo Proxes T1 Sport

Ultra-High Performance Summer Tyre State-of-the-art design and construction give the Proxes T1 Sport the perfect mix of high-speed stability and cornering power, precise steering response, and quick braking on wet or dry pavement. It is perfect for pushing through hairpin after hairpin on tight mountain roads or on the open highway headed for the beach.

Responding to the demand for ultimate handling in both wet + dry conditions, Proxes T1 Sport is supremely stable, even at fast highway speeds. Developed for European conditions and vehicles, the tyre complements the handling of the most prestigious sports saloons and coupes.

Outside - Cornering Performance

Increased contact area through use of wide ribs with shallow and narrow groove to maintain good tread contact with the road.
Improved handling and high grip.

Inside - Aquaplaning + Braking

Two wide grooves ensure good water drainage.
Better braking achieved via a rib based pattern configuration, which increases the treadís rigidity in the back and forward directions.

Tread Design - Wide Outer Blocks

Increased contact area through the use of wide blocks with shallow and narrow grooves to maintains good tread contact with the road. Improved handling with responsive steering feel and high grip.

Tread Design - Wide Center Rib*

High-speed stability + handling response are improved by adoption of a wide center rib.
*285 section width and larger

Tread Design - Inner Rib + Notch

The inside ribs have a solid shape, which enhances rigidity, improves braking performance and reduces irregular wear.

Tread Design - Wide Straight Grooves

Wide straight grooves provide a wide water channel for better aquaplaning resistance.

Tyre label / efficiency classes

Label: E-B-75

Profile: Proxes T1 Sport

Test results

10/2016 10/2016
225/45R17 Y
÷AMTC 02/2016
225/45R17 Y
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2016
225/45R17 Y
Auto Zeitung 06/2014
225/50R17 Y
Highly recommended
sport auto 05/2014
225/40R18 Y
AUTO BILD - sportscars 03/2013
225/35R18 Y
÷AMTC 02/2013
225/45R17 Y
02/2013 02/2013
225/45R17 W
TCS - Technik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft 02/2013
225/45R17 W
AUTO BILD 03/2012
225/45R17 Y

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