Complete steel wheels with summer tyres

A Set of Wheel and Tyre Packages

Here you can find steel wheels packaged as a set with a wide range of summer, all-season or winter tyres for all common cars, SUVs, off-roaders, vans and light commercial vehicles, balanced and mounted, ready to be fitted to your car.

Please be aware that all cars approved for use in the EU after November 1 2014 must be equipped with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Should your car already have an active TPMS, you can buy tyres pre-fitted on steel wheels with a sensor custom programmed for your car.

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You can find the HSN (manufacturer key number) and the TSN (type key number) in your vehicle registration certificate on the middle sheet, upper lines.The HSN is in position 2 and the TSN under position 3. - an offer by Delticom AG 06.05.2021 06:15